Online Delivery Charges

Why am I being charged for my Online delivery?

Online deliveries are still free when you spend over £35.00. However, if you are spending below this amount, then a delivery charge will be added. (Minimum delivery spend of £25.00 still applies)

I have spent over £35.00 but can still see a delivery charge being applied? 

To qualify for free delivery Online, you must ensure that your basket total is £35.00 or over. This does not include the delivery charge. This is also not inclusive of the £0.25 bag charge.

How are the delivery charges applied?

The charges for your Online delivery are displayed when you select your preferred delivery time slot via the 'book a slot page'. These charges will be £2.00.

Once your basket total is more than £35.00, these charges will no longer apply. This will be confirmed at the checkout.

If the order falls below £35 due to items being out of stock, will I be charged for delivery?

If any items are out of stock and the total amount drops below £35.00, you will not be charged for the delivery. This will still be free as confirmed when the order was first completed.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Care team on 0800 328 0800 or complete our web form.

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