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  1. Are online prices the same as in store?

  2. Bonus Card

  3. Can I order to a different address?

  4. Can I pay for my order with my Bonus Card savings?

  5. Can I place my order over the phone?

  6. Can I print a copy of my order?

  7. Can I Purchase Gift Vouchers?

  8. Can I return a product?

  9. Can I return to an order I have not completed and finish it?

  10. Can I use my own bags for home deliveries?

  11. Can I use Staff Discount?

  12. Change Delivery Address

  13. Change Delivery Slot

  14. Contact Us

  15. Cookie Policy

  16. Do I need a Bonus Card to shop online?

  17. Forgotten your password?

  18. How do I add a second delivery address?

  19. How do I add new/change a payment method?

  20. How do I add products to my basket?

  21. How do I amend my billing address?

  22. How do I amend my order?

  23. How do I amend products in my basket?

  24. How do I book a delivery slot?

  25. How do I book a delivery slot?

  26. How do I cancel my order?

  27. How do I change a billing/delivery address?

  28. How do I change my delivery address?

  29. How do I change my personal details?

  30. How do I check my delivery time?

  31. How do I checkout?

  32. How do I checkout?

  33. How do I get a Bonus Card?

  34. How do I know if you deliver in my area?

  35. How do I navigate the site and find departments?

  36. How do I register as a new customer?

  37. How do I search for a product?

  38. How do I see my order history?

  39. How do I see special offers?

  40. How do I update my email address?

  41. How do I update my password?

  42. How do you deliver my shopping?

  43. How is my order confirmed?

  44. How is my order confirmed?

  45. How is my shopping picked and packed?

  46. How is my shopping picked and packed?

  47. How long can I hold a delivery slot before I check out?

  48. How long would a refund take?

  49. How much does delivery cost for online orders?

  50. How to add savings to your Bonus Card online

  51. How to Add your Bonus Card and Spend/Top Up Savings Online

  52. How to check your savings balance on your Bonus Card

  53. How to unsubscribe from Iceland emails

  54. How will I get a receipt?

  55. I am having problems accessing the checkout

  56. I am having problems adding or subtracting items from my basket

  57. I am having problems connecting to the site

  58. I am having problems registering

  59. I am having problems signing into my account

  60. I am having problems with the speed of the website

  61. I've already booked my delivery slot, why am I being asked to book another?

  62. I've seen a van in my area, why can't I order online?

  63. In-store Home Delivery - minimum £20.00 spend

  64. Online Delivery Charges

  65. Paying with existing card

  66. Privacy Policy

  67. Problems linking your Bonus Card to your Online account

  68. Terms & Conditions

  69. What about items that aren't picked?

  70. What credit/debit cards do you accept for payment?

  71. What days do you deliver?

  72. What do I do if I have any missing or damaged items?

  73. What does Iceland do with the money raised on carrier bags?

  74. What happens if an item I have ordered is unavailable?

  75. What happens if I am not at home when you deliver to me?

  76. What happens with items not picked on my order?

  77. What if I need to change my delivery date or time?

  78. What if I only need one bag for a home delivery – do I still have to pay 25p?

  79. What is Iceland's VAT number?

  80. What is the minimum spend for online delivery?

  81. When I try to sign in I get returned to the same page

  82. When is payment taken?

  83. When will my order be delivered?

  84. When will my order be delivered?

  85. Who can sign for my delivery?

  86. Why can’t you charge for the number of bags actually used on online orders?

  87. Why can’t you deliver my online shopping without any bags?

  88. Why don't you deliver to my area?

  89. Why is there a 25p charge for online and home deliveries?

  90. Why no payment is needed for amended order

  91. Why wouldn’t the delivery driver bring my shopping inside?

  92. Will I get a receipt?

  93. Will you send me a substitute product if the one I have ordered is not available?

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